American Heritage Mint and Bullion lies at Trustpilot

American Heritage Mint and Bullion lies to Trustpilot after a reported case that they have no information about a confirmed order

American Heritage Bullion  (website: , referred sometimes as American Heritage Mint and Bullion) received an order ( order nr: AHM20181843) and sent confirmation about it from their email address . They received the payment by bank transfer to the bank account they gave. They gave a swift code also for incoming foreign wires, but of course they stated later to Trustpilot at a reported case that they don’t accept international orders. Anyway THEY DID NOT SEND THE ORDERED GOLD COINS AFTER PAYMENT. That is how they earn 3351 USD with one case. When reported this case to Trustpilot, they wanted to hide their scam activity with lies. They sent false information to Trustpilot that they don’t know this customer and this report is coming from a competitor (check here). After sending all the order confirmation, bank transfer, and the half year’s email conversations to Trustpilot, the report was successfully published as a verified order (check here). Too bad, a company like this would like to hide their fraud and lies and fail publicly. I don’t think any customers will trust in this company in the future. After sending all the documentation to Trustpilot, it was not able to hide the report about their fraud, so American Heritage Mint and Bullion started to publish a lot of fake customer opinions (however non of them shown as verified), and they started to publish daily these customer opinions. However it is very interesting that before this case they have only a few customer opinions and after this case they have every day satisfied customers 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

I supposed they were successfully mislead customers through many years, and nobody put so big effort to show their fraud activity so far.